Holcombe Duo

Holcombe Duo

English alphorn duo Helen and Neil Grundy welcome you to our website

As French horn players, we both developed an early interest in the sound and romance of the alphorn. ------------------------------------------------------------ Although the alphorn is deeply rooted in Swiss tradition, we are keen to widen interest in the instrument and its music in Britain. (Please read complete article in 'about us' category)

East Midlands HORN & ALPHORN Festival

2011 Concerts and EventsPosted by Helen Tue, February 22, 2011 18:33:50

How many alphorn players are there in England?

Come and join us for the 1st Alphorn Festival in England on Sunday 3rd April in Nottingham.

Registration is at 9.30am followed by the ALPHORN players massed blow led by HOLCOMBE DUO

There is a recital/lecture by Frances Jones on the ALPHORN and an illustrated talk by Neil and Helen Grundy about their ALPHORN experiences in Switzerland.

The ALPHORNS will be performing in the Recital at 3pm and also in the concert at 6.30pm

Please email hornfestival@hotmail.co.uk or alphorns@holcombeduo.co.uk for more information.